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Eris Arts is raising money for “The Faun”

· What it’s about: In 1913 dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, at the height of his career, choreographed Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”. At the premiere the audience rioted in response to the shockingly modern music and choreography. “The Faun” is a piece of physical theatre telling the story of an artist who reflected a primitive, tribal side of human nature to an unsuspecting society on the brink of war.

· Who is involved: Writer Sarah Sigal, movement director Ita O’Brien, producer/dramaturg Geraldine Timmins, director Sophie Austin and five performers (cast TBA).

· The process: Our practice is a writer and movement director-led process of collaborative creation of integrated physicality and text.

· Why we’re raising money: To fund a two-week development workshop in March 2012 to create the movement score and accompanying script for “The Faun”.

· What it’s for: The £2,500 is a part of the £7,500 we need for rehearsal space hire and artists’ wages. Click on the Paypal button under the funding target circle to pledge. The site is run with PayPal- if you don’t already have an account you will need your card details to hand. WeFund ask you to create an account- this is simply so they can email a receipt of your payment and to report on our progress!

· When it will be performed: Once the script is developed in March “The Faun” will go into rehearsal in September for a tour in Autumn 2012 and a London run in May 2013, the centenary of the premiere of “The Rite Of Spring”.

· For more information: Follow ‘Eris Arts’ on Facebook and on Twitter @TheFaun1913 or email us at

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