Recently retired and recently divorced, Bernard has little to look forward to. That is, until his best friend Clive suggests he rekindles his former passion: streaking.

Now ‘Kent’s greatest streaker’ is coming out of retirement for one last streak – ‘The Big One.’

Years since his last ‘run’, Bernard is out of shape and out of practise. With Clive’s help, he begins a rigorous training regime.

Meanwhile, struggling journalist Jenny is looking for her big break. After hearing a rumour Bernard is back in training, she might just have the scoop she’s been looking for.

As the big day draws closer, Jenny starts to uncover the true story behind Bernard’s odd hobby and what Bernard and Clive truly mean to each other.

A comedy of friendship, passion and, above all, baring the truth.

What have we produced so far?

Rohan Tully the director and Steve Marshall the DOP have worked together for the last year on documentaries and commercial projects. The subjects have ranged from motor racing to fashion. This is their first collaboration on a fiction based project, an area they have wanted to break into since they started working together.

How close is “Bare Facts” to getting produced?

Rohan and Steve are used to commercially based deadlines and as such have set a strict schedule for the film’s completion.

The locations have already been scouted and they are currently working on the final bit of casting. The first day of principal photography will be on the 2nd of March and the shoot will last three days.

The film will be completed and ready to submit to Rushes Soho Shorts on the 5th April 2012.

This will be the first of many film festival submissions.

Why do we need your help?

We have currently managed to enlist a collaborative group of creatives. This ranges from the production team, to the actors and other companies providing us with various support.

Our own studio is supplying the cameras, which are two new RED EPIC cameras and RED prime lenses. We are also supplying the post-production facilities.

We need to raise money for extra kit (such as lighting) and location costs as well as transport, accommodation and amenities for all the kind collaborators who are taking part in this project.

You too could be a collaborator by helping us raise these funds and make this project a reality!

We have a lot more details available on the web-site. We promise to keep you updated on the film’s progress on our site and through our social media pages.