(NB- Don;t be scared by the length of the video; the second half is a live performance, just for this project)

I am very proud of my third self produced studio album ‘Mayflower’ which has been made over the last year with the generous help of family, friends and acquaintances.
Many people have given their time, skills and resources to bring this project to this point and often for nothing in return.

What I have is a completed album, with sleeve artwork but no more resources to produce hard copies of a standard that I believe it deserves to be made.

The album will be available online but I still believe in the importance of physical CDs, artwork, and sleeve notes for the fan. The CDs I will sell at gigs and through the not-for-profit Silvery Records who I am associated with.

My approach to music is organic and wherever possible self sufficient and raising money in this way feels like the right thing to do. Rather than borrow from a bank I want to raise money through fan pledges.

So, what’s in it for you?

Any contribution, however small is appreciated and I will put your name in the list of people I thank who have helped to make the record. Just say how you’d like to be referred to.

£5 – Anybody pledging £5 will have their name or pseudonym in the ‘thankyou’ section of the CD inlay notes AND a free EP.

£10 – A Thankyou and a copy of the new album.

£50 – Signed copies of the new album & Asthill Grove.

£100 – I will make a personalised recording of the song of your choice (one of mine or a cover) and dedicate it to you for your exclusive personal enjoyment/amusement!

£250 – I will come and play a house concert for you for free OR I will write a song for you where you choose the subject material!