A powerful cocktail of bone-tingling, chest-punching music; sharp, slicing dialogue littered with wit and humour and eyeball-licking, cornea-tickling, pupil widening visual trickery. The ‘Sod’s Law’ experience would best be described in the words of Hunter S Thompson, ‘like falling down an elevator shaft and landing in a pool full of mermaids.’

We are unashamedly proud and excited to be working on this film. And we want to unleash these emotions on to you: our viewers. We want to share a ride with you and feel a worth in giving film audiences new thrills and excitement. The funds we raise will go towards lighting equipment, transportation, props/sets and locations. It will feed our cast and crew. It will give us the freedom to create a high quality product with no compromises. It will pay for the music rights and composer. Most importantly it will mean we can pay our cast and our crew for their time and their dedication a deserved and respectful amount.

We have already cast some incredible actors. We aim to celebrate true and commanding acting talent with no exceptions! You will not be disappointed; we hope you will be inspired by these (yet) unknown stars who have inspired us already!

We all believe in this project with a consuming passion! And we hope you will join us in making it a reality.

Thank you, from the bottom of our crooked little hearts
– the Synced Films team.


The film opens with a long drawn out and surprising hit and robbery conducted by one man. The thief takes his find, an aged golden compass, to a historian known to London’s underworld. One look and the historian knows the item is priceless and rare, so doing what he does best he directs the thief to a local ‘pawn shop’, knowing that he can buy it back from them for nothing of what it’s actually worth.

Before the historian can follow suit to buy back the compass for himself, he is called into Mr Walls’ attendance; the head of a powerful crime syndicate. Peter the historian owes him money. And he owes it now. A twist of fate and Peter directs Mr Walls to seek the compass in the pawn shop.

Delivered and paid for, the original thief, Martin, parts with the compass at the pawners. But as he leaves, Dante, a regular and a petty crook, enters, only to steal the compass when the cashier, Gloria, isn’t looking.

Discovering the compass isn’t at the pawn shop, Mr Walls hires an ex hit man, Wade, to find Martin and retrieve it, not knowing Dante has already stolen it. Wade is wheelchair bound now, and involves his friends in order to do the job; Damien and Dante. They are not told it is a compass they are looking for.

Twists, pains, turns, laughs and calamity ensue in this first half of a three part series.