“While it’s notoriously dangerous to predict the “NEXT BIG THING”, anyone interested in the variety and novelty of new writing that looks to use language to effect something rather than to conceal it, should surely watch Viscera Theatre Company with interest.”
PHOEBE LUCKHURST, The Daily Gather 2011

We are Viscera Theatre Co. a new Company founded by two NCDT drama school graduates in 2011.

Viscera Theatre Co. experiments with contemporary, original writing to discover the type of theatre that does something to our audience’s inside.

We’re not seeking to shock, disturb or emote. We want language that “gets our audience’s gut” through its honesty and boldness, whichever form it takes…poetry, lyricism, punchy dialogue, prose, verse…
We’re not style specific.
We’re here to experiment.
Enter – The Viscera Lab…

The project – LET’S GET VISCERAL

Our project for 2012 is ‘Let’s get visceral’, which will be our first event to kick off the launch of Viscera into the industry.

The project will consist of four short pieces of New Writing in a London theatre venue. The emphasis of the showcase will be on language that ‘gets our gut’, through its honesty and boldness.

‘The Viscera Lab’ is our fun and quirky concept that plays on our company name. The event will take the theme of scientific experimenting – in a tongue in cheek format!

We are asking for your help to raise £2550 to fund this show. The money will go towards hiring the venue, rehearsal space, paying technicians, travel, set and costumes etc.

If you’re kind enough to be one of our Viscera ‘Donors’ then have a look at what we’ll pledge in return!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we look forward to seeing you in the Viscera Lab…